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Why Use Instagram For Small Business?

Instagram has evolved from a hipster hangout to a powerful social media platform with a lot of potential for businesses. Instagram is second only to Facebook regarding audience penetration in the United States, with 34% of internet users using the app.

Businesses aiming to reach their target demographic with engaging visual content have a unique opportunity on Instagram. This blog will highlight seven reasons your company should be on Instagram – or risk missing out on valuable chances. Do you want to take your business digitally, then get the best Houston social media agency who can take your business to Instagram and establish it so that your business can flourish.

1. Instagram users spend more time on the platform than any other social media platform save Facebook.

According to ComScore research, US internet users spend almost 12 billion minutes every month on Instagram. Compared to FaceBook, this is a drop in the bucket as Facebook has 230 billion minutes. Still, for businesses aiming to dominate in a more specialized, image-centric network, Instagram presents a significant opportunity. Do you need help in creating content that speaks of your business? Five Star SMA is here to help hire Houston's best social media marketing agency and see the results that speak.

2. Instagram gives businesses a competitive advantage in your specialty.

For small businesses, getting noticed on Facebook can be difficult. Because so many companies use the platform, it can be challenging to find on-site searches and stand out from the crowd.

However, only 9% of small businesses in the United States use Instagram to present an incredible opportunity to cultivate their audience immediately. Nevertheless, between 2012 and today, small company use of the platform has increased steadily and shows no slowing down. Businesses who jump on board now will build a following before the competition becomes too severe to breakthrough.

3. Instagram is a sales engineer with a high average order value.

Instagram referrals, according to Shopify, result in an average order value of $65; this is second only to Polyvore's $66.75. While most visits will not result in a purchase, those that do will generate significantly more money than other social networks; for example, YouTube's average order value is $37.63. Get the best social media marketing services in Houston for your business and give your small business a voice.

4. In terms of social media engagement, visual material continues to reign supreme.

Users on social media now expect firms to post visual content more than ever before. Graphic material is currently essential approach firms utilize for maximizing their social media content, according to studies.

Post infographics, visual quotations, graphic coupons, and behind-the-scenes images to keep your Instagram followers engaged. To increase views and engagement on videos, try uploading brief instructional or behind-the-scenes recordings.

5. Instagram may be used to create content for other social media platforms.

Instagram isn't the only place where visual material is famous. We all know how popular images and videos are on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and visual-centric sites like Pinterest and YouTube. While Instagram gives you the unique opportunity to create eye-catching photographs quickly and efficiently, available you can always use these images as content for your other marketing channels, such as Facebook posts, Pinterest boards, or your blog.

Did you know you can shoot images using your Instagram app and store them on your phone to share on other social media platforms? Simply put, put your phone in airplane mode, take a shot, and it will be stored on your photo roll for later use.

6. Instagram videos are excellent for gaining Facebook shares.

According to Unruly's analysis, Facebook accounts for 9 out of 10 Instagram video shares. This is fantastic news for marketers hoping to bridge the gap between Instagram and Facebook to drive traffic and shares between the two platforms.

7. Among major social networking sites, Instagram has some of the most excellent conversion rates.

While direct sales aren't often the primary benefit of using social media, high conversion rates are undeniably beneficial. According to Shopify, 1.08 percent of Instagram users purchase after viewing a site; this is the fourth-highest among social networking sites. For better results, hire experts who know what they are doing and find social media agencies in Houston because no one likes experts.


It's because more people are paying attention to Instagram than ever before, and by not joining this powerful social media site, you're ignoring millions of prospective clients. Instagram provides a perfect visual platform for small businesses to engage with their clients. Furthermore, it comes with many advantages that attract more customers and lead to a profitable business at an optimum cost.

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