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A Guide To Getting Business Verified On Instagram

Instagram was by far the most popular social media network in 2021. The days of Facebook and Snapchat are long gone. Instagram has completely taken over the internet and has become a destination for all types of material. Instagram is one of the best venues for promoting your brand from a business standpoint. Get social media marketing agency in Houston to take your business to the next level on various online platforms.

Simply scrolling through Instagram will shower you with adverts for tiny beauty firms, apparel labels, and home and lifestyle brands that are all made in the United States and guarantee sustainable products. There is a widespread dislike of huge brands and corporate behemoths because they underpay their workers and participate in a variety of immoral actions. Local and sustainable solutions are preferred by those who can afford to spend a little more money.

Many small companies have suffered due to the pandemic, yet people stay at home and on social media for extended periods. According to recent trends, many people have shopped more than they intended while quarantined at home. This is proof that businesses that use platforms like Instagram to reach out to potential customers may succeed and expand their reach.

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On Instagram, there are several verified accounts. Only a few celebrities and popular accounts were previously given verified badges on Instagram. Nobody knew who would be able to acquire it and who would not. However, in August 2018, the policy was amended, and users may now request verification by filling out a simple form.

While Instagram now only gives the verified badge to a select few prominent figures, celebrities, and corporations, you can always try to have your business verified. However, submitting a request for verification does not ensure that you will receive the confirmed badge.

What Is the Purpose of the Verified Badge?

The verified badge is typically earned to demonstrate that the Account is genuine and legitimate. On Instagram, various versions plagiarise content and pose as well-known celebrities or brands. Because they are fan pages, only the accrued star or business gets a verified badge after proving their identity.

As a result, the verified logo is seen as a sign that a brand is well-known and trustworthy. The badge is a mark of authenticity that gives the brand legitimacy and increases people's trust in it. A recognized badge might help attract new consumers by assuring them that your company is genuine and trustworthy.

Requesting Verification: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Go to your profile and click the three lines in the top right corner that represent more.

2. Then, from the menu, select Settings.

3. Select Account from the Settings menu.

4. You'll find the option to Request Verification under Account.

5. There is a form that must be completed. After filling all of the information accurately, click Send.

6. Instagram will consider your request. It can take many weeks for Instagram to respond. After 30 days, you can request again if it gets denied the first time.

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What are the requirements for earning a Verified Badge?

For many people, being verified on Instagram is a significant deal. Instagram has given many criteria to assist them in deciding who gets the blue badge since August 2018. The Help Center has a list of its standards. While only pages with many followers may receive the verified badge, this is not the case. The majority of verified accounts are those with a high risk of being impersonated.

Here are the steps to help you acquire the blue badge for your business:

  1. You must make your account public. Verification is not possible for private accounts.

  2. On your Instagram profile, don't list any of your other social media pages. Separate the platforms if possible.

  3. You can't have more than one verified Account for your company. Only one Account should be verified at a time. The business account you've requested authentication for must be "the distinctive presence of the person or business it represents," according to Instagram's standards.

  4. Ensure that your business is registered and has the relevant licenses for your business account.

  5. Complete the profile: Try to post before asking for verification. Make sure your bio accurately portrays your company. Make sure it isn't ambiguous or general.

  6. Make an effort not to break any regulations. If you violate any of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, you will likely be denied the blue badge.

  7. You must have some level of recognition to be verified. Encourage your clients to engage with you on Instagram by liking or commenting on your photos. It is necessary to have a particular amount of followers.

  8. Get articles about your business published in a local newspaper or magazine to increase your chances of being verified.

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What Happens If Your Verified Badge Isn't Received?

Every day, Instagram receives hundreds of requests for verification badges, but not every brand that asks for one gets one. However, it is not the end of the world if you do not receive a confirmed badge. If your brand page doesn't have a verified badge, it doesn't mean your company isn't legitimate or authentic. If you don't get verified, you can link your other social media accounts to your Instagram account and have people follow you on all of them.


Instagram provides a plethora of business opportunities. Several influential people are willing to work with small enterprises in their communities. This is advantageous to both parties and frequently does not necessitate a monetary transaction. For any company, getting verified may be a huge issue. However, it simply means that people mimic your page, which is less common for corporate pages. The blue mark is typically given to influential brands. To receive the blue badge, small businesses need to be well-searched on Instagram and mentioned in news pieces. And Houston’s best social media marketing agency can help you with this.

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