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Social Media Trends To Follow For Your Business In 2021

As social media has grown in popularity, so has the amount of marketing done on these platforms. More firms see the limitless potential of social media marketing every day. Even long-established brick-and-mortar businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon.

Using social media to discover, locate, and sell target consumers has never been easier. However, the upcoming trends provide a whole new set of challenges for companies and social media marketers, who must continually evaluate their current strategies and pivot to include new types of content in their repertoire. Marketers constantly monitor the latest trends shaping the future of social media and adjust their strategies accordingly. If you want to strategize an excellent social media marketing plan, get the Houston best social media marketing agency for your business.

At least 91% of firms now use social media to sell themselves. As a result, the social media world is changing quicker than ever, and we must be aware of the latest trends to stay current.

These are the four social media marketing trends in 2021 to Incorporate into your marketing strategy.


Nowadays, more and more people are intrigued to read tales instead of scrolling through the newsfeed. Because stories are fascinating, in part, after all, they are only available for a limited time, partly because they provide a closer look into people's daily lives.

Have you ever followed an influencer or entrepreneur on social media for a long time before meeting them in person and had the impression that you already knew them? Spending attention on storytelling is a fantastic method to form unbreakable ties with your audience.


Many users or potential customers have little patience to go through a five- to ten-minute film without scrolling down their page. So one of the most terrific strategies to keep your audience's attention and prevent them from scrolling past is to make the content only 90 seconds or around. One of the reasons TikToks and Instagram reels are so popular is that they're quick, engaging, and frequently feature visual, short-form storytelling.

3.Artificial Intelligence Ad-Tracking

Technology is advancing at a breakneck speed. T led to the great majority of businesses spending money on advertising. As a result, a lot of effort and time goes into optimizing ads to beat competitors without having the largest ad-spend budget. In this scenario, artificial intelligence (AI) tracking shines.

AI-tracking can take your ad optimization to a whole new level, as it can interpret data thousands of times faster than people. Since adding AI-tracking for their advertising, clients' return-on-ad-spend has grown by a stunning 25%, according to Yakk Digital, an Australian digital marketing business. Tracking is regularly lowered cost per lead and, as a result, generates more money by utilizing AI to optimize ads. If you need help in optimizing your ad and generating good ROI then hire a Social media agency in Houston and see the growth of your advertising plan yourself.


marketers understand that the best approach to establishing a brand is to build a community of loyal customers. Being a part of online groups provides significance to humans as they seek deeper connections.


Social media is an excellent place for people to get involved with causes. As a result, people want to help more than ever, and brands also expect to support causes.

According to a poll on Twitter, 74% of respondents want brands to highlight acts of kindness. And 77% are more favorable about brands that are attempting to help society during this crisis.

As a result, companies are expected to assist in whatever way they can with purpose-driven social media initiatives in 2021. Brands should support vulnerable members in the community, according to 86% of poll respondents. Furthermore, 82% of respondents anticipate increased assistance for frontline health workers.

In 2021, social media will undoubtedly play an essential part in digital marketing strategy. Although social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter were initially designed for personal communication, they evolved into crucial business tools. As a result, businesses have the ideal platform to effortlessly develop and distribute content, sell their products and services, and communicate with their target consumers through social media.

Keeping up with the ongoing trends and incorporating them into your social media approach is vital for growing companies and businesses. And most importantly, for better reach, remain consistent. If you want to up your social media game, then Five Star Agency is just the right choice for Houston's social media marketing agency.

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