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How To Leverage Social Media For Promoting Your Real Estate Business

Purchasing or selling a home is a significant financial (and emotional) investment. The potential buyers and sellers are looking for more than just a real estate agent. They want a representative who will look out for their best interests and guide them through the complications of property ownership. They must select an agent with whom they will feel comfortable working throughout the process.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from having a solid social media presence. It may be a terrific opportunity to start a conversation, provide advice, and build a long-term relationship with buyers, sellers, and renters if done right. For example, in 2020, through social media, 44% of real estate were able to generate leads.

If you need social media marketing services in Houston to cater to potential clients for your real estate business through social media, then you’re at the right place. Five-star social media agency provide various services that help generate leads and convert them into closing deals through multiple benefits.

This blog will take you through various advantages of social media for the real estate business. In addition, it will tell how your real estate business can use different social media platforms.

Why use Social Media for the real estate business?

Although it may not appear to be the best channel for the real estate business, adopting social media provides several advantages. Most importantly, over 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, with the typical person spending close to 3 hours every day on the platform. Thus, making it the best platform to meet potential customers.

Second, social media provides customized advertising possibilities suited to specific audiences in specific places - isn't that precisely what realtors want?

Social media aids in developing brand awareness and trust among your target audience.

They may not be ready to make a purchase or even reach out to start the conversion process just yet, but if they notice you're active on your platforms or see one of your adverts, they may take note of what you have to offer and come back to you when they're ready.

These four social media platforms can have a significant impact on your real estate business:


For real estate agents, Facebook is a fantastic resource. It has many high-quality features, including tailored marketing for local listings, Facebook Messenger for client chats, and the ability to share various multimedia formats, including photographs, videos, and even live videos. For professional purposes, Facebook has been used by 74% of realtors.

2. Instagram

Realtors can set up a company account on Instagram and include contact CTA buttons so that visitors can send you a message on the platform, an email about a property image that piqued their interest, or other tailored alternatives.

The site is ideal for sharing high-resolution images, like the one below, which shows a new property announcement.

3. LinkedIn

It is primarily a B2B network, making it the best place to build a network among fellow realtors. In addition, this network serves as a digital resume for your company, and also employees have the liberty to share opportunities.

Setting up a LinkedIn profile is the best place to set up your company's page or profile.

4. TikTok

TikTok is a rapidly growing platform for businesses of all kinds. Still, it can be beneficial for realtors, given that the audience prefers behind-the-scenes information, as it helps them understand the product thoroughly and deeply. Therefore, from an advertising perspective, TikTok videos can considerably impact a buyer's choice.

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The type of content one could post for real estate:

There are so many things that realtors could do on various social media channels. Some of them are listed below:

1.Bios of real estate agents

Relationships between agents and clients are crucial because they rely on you to listen to their concerns and guide them in the proper route. As a result, using social media to distribute realtor profiles is a viable option. Your audience can discover more about what you offer and contact you if they think it's a good fit.

2.Photographs and videos of the property

Realtors should use property photos on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook. Through a virtual or in-person tour, you can give clients a sneak glimpse of what to expect from the property and urge them to contact you to learn more.

Video works well on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok because they provide an engaging opportunity for your audience to learn about different properties. For example, if they're still interested after watching the video, they can ask for additional information by clicking on a CTA button on your profile.

3.Answering questions from the audience

Because you can engage with your audience and create a rapport that leads to a working partnership, all social media channels are excellent places to answer audience inquiries. Another advantage of answering questions is that your responses are visible to everyone. It can help qualified buyers approach you with queries that are further down the sales funnel.

4.Share success stories and client testimonials

One of the most valuable features of real estate social media posts is the chance to share success stories with clients. When it comes to choosing an agent or organization, your clients have a lot of options. Thus the more proof you can show of happy customers, the better.


Social media is a channel that has a lot of potential to take your business to new heights. Almost 80% of real estate agents want to improve their social media presence for exponential business growth. You'll likely find yourself attracting more customers and closing on more homes if you take the time to build a social media presence that includes high-quality photographs of the properties you sell, communicate with clients, and stick to a consistent schedule.

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