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How To Boost Your Brand's Online Presence?

Businesses of all sizes realize that it's critical to have a robust online presence in today's marketplace. But what does the term 'online presence' encompasses?

It is the summation of your marketing efforts to showcase your brand before current and potential clients on the web.

A brand website with a few HTML pages was enough to stay visible online about a decade ago. But now, things are different as there is huge competition with over 1 billion websites on the internet. It means only one thing- you will get lost in the crowd if you are not using the best practices to maintain your visibility.

How to start building your online presence?

Most businesses are not sure that where to start with building their online presence. Many things go into consideration, such as establishing your business goals, creating social media profiles on different platforms, developing an efficient website, and finding all the new ways to engage your audience across other mediums.

Social media experts in Houston are well-acknowledged in creating a prominent digital presence for businesses of all sizes worldwide. The experts have broken down the best 6 ways to build your brand's digital presence:

1.Strategize your goals & tracking regularly

First, you need to figure out & note what your business goals are, where is your audience most active and define your short-term and long-term goals. Writing down your objectives will help you track & measure progress at any point. Also, tracking your improvement monthly will help you acknowledge the right path by cutting off unnecessary tasks and helps build new strategies to deliver 2x ROI.

Don't just focus on building an online presence because you are supposed to; build it to achieve your overall business goals.

2.Build a professional website

For most marketers & entrepreneurs, building a professional website gains the highest preference for building a solid platform. Your website must be having fast loading pages, optimized images, and responsive site designs.

With over 2.87 billion smartphone users, mobile searches have finally increased and will continue to do so in the future. Make sure that the website loading speed is optimized for different screen sizes. Mobile-friendliness website is a ranking factor Google considers, so it's crucial for SEO.

With brands competing globally, give priority to user experience to stay ahead of your competitors. You can always use a content management system [CMS] to create a search engine optimized website for your brand.

3.Build an email list

Next to hit the list is building an email list- it helps you grow your business by engaging with current and potential users daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can try different methods to build an email list by creating gated content that makes users sign-up to receive valuable content.

You can make the most use of Call-to-action [CTAs] on your website & social media handles while promoting your monthly or weekly newsletter. Newsletters help you collect leads and identifies the user behavior about the content you are sharing.

You can also use various content management systems to curate forms, slide-in explicitly designed for capturing email addresses. Some of the tools best known to grow the email list are- Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more.

4.Focus on social media growth

Your social media is the first thing that every unique visitor continuously checks in the first place. Start with social media promotions with the right approach; always research where your audience is most active.

You can also go for advertising campaigns as they are incredibly effective for targeting a specific audience. Stay active on social media platforms by creating and publishing content that resonates with your audience and the brand. Test out different posting timings & analyze metrics to know when your audience is most active. Also, if you are building a brand- encourage your team to share your company's content on their own social media profiles!

5.Blog regularly

Most people think that video content is the most important thing when it comes to brand building. However, blogs since their inception are among the topmost crucial methods to engage with your audience and act as a critical component when building your brand.

Blogging regularly helps your audience identify that you are consistently active on your website. Also, it is an easy & effective way to drive massive traffic to your website by enhancing marketing efforts & attracting new customers.

Blogging is also directly proportional to SEO ranking. When you provide a new blog to your audience, you will be using internal interlinking that reduces the bounce rate of your website. The target keywords incorporated in the blogs will be helping you rank higher in the search engine results pages.

6.Get listed on web directories

One thing you cannot miss out on is the potential of web directories. Key directory sites allow businesses to generate and drive colossal website traffic and reach out to the key audiences more efficiently. Building strategies for web directory submission will help you rank at the top, especially in the local searches.

The secret ingredient to gaining success with web directories is finding the correct directories that add real value to your business. They promote themselves to other site owners and also advertise to get the maximum reach. To start on the right foot with web directories, look into the directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow pages, Bing places- they provide you best results if you list your business.

In addition to primary benefits such as traffic, these directories also offer reviews, business information, and backlinks that make your business take a step ahead of the competition.


Building an online brand presence is not everyone's cup of tea; however, if you stick with best practices & be consistent in your marketing efforts, you will achieve it in a short period. Using the different strategies for content marketing will increase your brand's reputation and establish your brand as an authoritative figure. Above are some best practices you can follow to build your online brand presence; Also, let us know which methods work best for your business in the comment section below.

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