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10 Ways To Increase Engagement On Instagram

In order to sustain in today's era, businesses need to reach their target audience since the prevalence of social media enables wide networking. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are pioneers of the social media world, but Instagram- the photo-sharing app is on edge and shining bright like a diamond amidst growing competition.

It's no secret that Instagram is highly addictive and holds a wide range of content under one umbrella that gives brands an opportunity to promote their products endlessly in many creative ways. Many Houston social media marketing services are providing Instagram marketing and converting accounts into lead-generating machines proactively.

As trends are widely famous all around the globe, Social Media in Houston is ascertaining a competitive edge in the industry. Known for bringing 2x ROI, according to many agencies of social media marketing in Houston, brands should start curating strategies to promote their services on social media, and it is a massive downside if brands are not focusing on it.

While brands use executive marketing strategies to promote their brand's agendas, social media presence will glue to all the marketing efforts and make the brand a highly reliable source.

According to Instagram, the most effective way to engage with a post is to save, comment, like, re-share it. It determines the ER (Engagement Rate), making the respective social media platform believe that you view the content and imbibe something out of it.

Instagram, over time, has enabled brands to step into the competition firmly and help them achieve set milestones quickly. Although the "good" engagement rate is highly subjective considering follower's interests and the brand's niche. Let's take a deeper look at the valuable steps to increase engagement.

Here we have curated a list of the 10 most effective engagement strategies for Instagram to pave maximum results.

1.Posting Good Pictures

Having a little oomph factor in your images can elevate your social media presence. The importance of a high-quality picture that is relevant to your feed will reflect consistency and elevate engagement. If you aren't professional at editing your images, then there are plenty of apps at your perusal to add a trendy element.

2.Creating Carousels

According to a social media marketing agency in Houston, carousels are highly interactive, and there are many attractive templates available to appeal to your feed aesthetically. This form of post is used actively to convey a relevant set of information or moment under one post instead of publishing everything one by one. Carousels break the monotony in Instagram and allow the creator to move ahead with a different piece of content. For followers, it becomes relatively easy to follow the tone and information on multiple cards.

3.Video Content

Experts of Instagram Marketing in Houston claim that Video content is very prevalent and interactive. Videos on feed or stories demonstrating events, tutorials, or anything you want your audience to know about helps increase engagement. On Instagram, you can publish under varying formats of IGTV, Reels, and Lives, video content that can churn impactful results for a brand.

4.Strong Caption Game

While many people post ambiguous captions and often look upon them as they add an emotional essence to the post and help connect with the audience. They allow you to open up about your thoughts effectively. Many brands are winning the caption game by being highly elaborate with their captions or making the caption relevant to the recent posts or future posts. What's important to notice is that many brands are actively posting intriguing questions and awaiting answers in the comment section, while many others are writing captions to provide an offer.


No one will like Instagram if it becomes a place with brands having the same kind of content. There's no doubt that brands are constantly copying each other, but staying exceptional is not optional amidst all of this. That is why Houston's top digital marketing agency is asking you to think out of the box or stay true to what you preach.

The word "Authenticity" is used widely as a buzzword in the marketing industry, but it is the only way to build a meaningful community.

6.Respond To Questions And Comments

Even if it is a vague comment, you should be able to come up with an excellent answer to present yourself as responsive and add value. In most cases, comments do go viral if they are appropriately curated, and they indeed are an excellent way to connect with your wide range of audience and subtly convey them to onboard your services or at least think about it.

7.Maintain Consistency

Regularly posting stories, feed posts, and liking or replying promotes growth. If consistency is not maintained throughout, it may cause followers to lose interest easily, and they will look out for other similar content styles.

Whether maintaining a pattern throughout the Instagram feed to posting stories regularly, there should be a link on similar aesthetics in all of them. If you plan to get a steep curve of engagement on your profile, consistency will act as an effective key to getting you viral.

8.Strong CTA

While posting a strong caption that endorses products, add a solid Call To Action (CTA), which can mean visiting a link in the bio or contacting you through mail-id or number.

CTA also tells your audience what they should do next to avail the services that you have to offer further.

There are three ways of adding CTA: adding a new button to your ads, contact buttons to your profile, and posting the link on your bio. Few very simple CTAs can be signed up, try for free, join us, Save for later, and learn more.

9.Post Stories

Having a 24 hours validity, these can be best used to increase engagement. You can either run a poll, ask a question, post countdowns, use emoji sliders or add quiz stickers. They allow you to keep the interaction minimum and provide a wide range of understanding about the customer's cognition.

What's worthy is the fact that you retain your stories using the "highlights" feature of Instagram, which will allow you to not post many pictures in your feed but still keep your followers engaged

10.Instagram Reels, A Game Changer

This feature can make your followers increase multifold. The 15 to 30 seconds videos created on Instagram reels are very engaging and can yield impressive results.

Being accepted widely and becoming the most viral form of content, Instagram Reels are among the best ways to engage your audience and provide information to them seamlessly. They are easy to create, less time-consuming, and can provide information or sell products very subtly.

Basically, robots are getting smarter with each passing day, and Instagram's algorithms prioritize accounts that engage with all the features like business accounts and content formats - ads, highlights, polls.

Using correct hashtags that are relevant to the post and brand will also exhibit good results.

Basic Benchmarks To Know About

There are a lot of metrics to keep track of. You should ideally know which metrics to look after. Here mentioned are a few of the benchmarks curated by famous brands and can help you understand better:

  • Reach Rate According to Brand Size:

The average Instagram Engagement Rate is 4.7%, and it is observed that brands with higher following observe a lower reach rate, whereas small brands exceed higher benchmarks.

  • Conversions

Brands with smaller following have a high conversion rate because of the reach rate they receive. It is quite noticeable that Instagram posts have more reach than the stories.

  • Photo Vs. Videos

Photo and video engagement rates differ vividly. According to top performers, photographs play a pivotal role, whereas video content lacks a few steps back.

  • Posting Time on Instagram

The ideal time to post on Instagram is 7:00 am EST, between 4:00 - 5:00 pm EST & 7:00 pm EST that varies according to different industries. Other culminating factors are posting on suitable weekdays and the time zone of your primary audience.

Instagram engagement is the fundamental root to success on social media these days. Brands these days are using Instagram as their essential tool to assess the number of engagements they receive.

Final Takeaway:

The point is that Instagram is not focusing on the number of followers that a page has, but it is looking out for the engagement rate your brand receives every day. As a brand, starting conversations with your limited number of followers will also churn impactful results as long as they are willing to buy your services.

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